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Savannah Cat Toy Tips Include Avoiding Things Too Delicate

A Savannah needs a LOT of exercise to stay healthy. Having great toys around helps it stay fit while providing a great way for you to entertain each other.

Like dogs, Savannahs are very loyal. Playing helps them bond with you... and make them yours for life.

Small dog toys are often better than cat toys for a Savannah. These wild ones can be pretty tough on things that are fragile or delicate.

They love to play with anything that hones their hunting skills including balls, crumpled paper, cardboard boxes, paper bags... They may also assume ownership of a favorite stuffed toy that you thought was yours.

Savannahs can be very tunnel visioned when stalking their prey, so it is a good idea to keep your hands out the way when it is about to pounce.

Little fishing poles with feathers on the ends are a great way to interact with your kitten and Savannahs absolutely love chasing after a laser light. You can sit comfortably in your arm chair while they practically run up the walls in pursuit of that little red laser dot.

Plastic rings with a ball inside are also great for batting and chasing around with great intensity.

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