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Savannah Cat Pricing Is Variable And For Reasons Totally Understandable

Savannah cat pricing is a bit of an art. The breeder you buy from will have invested substantially in its facilities and "rolled the dice" to some degree to come up with a cat design that buyers want.

Buyers who want to breed or show their cat may want the perfect pedigree. Other buyers may simply want a beautiful pet with the wonderful intelligence and energy of the Savannah.

The established way to adopt a Savannah cat is to buy one from a specialized breeder. As with anything there is a wide range in what they offer. Some are big with lots of choice; some are small, specializing in a particular way.

The perfect cattery for you might be just next door or it might be hours or days away, giving you a wonderful excuse to travel! Wherever it is, you'll want it to be one with a great reputation.

Perhaps the most established and award winning Savannah breeder is A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma, USA. A1 is a big operation with great credentials, but there are smaller ones with a lot to offer.

Top Of Line Breeder Pricing

In 2012, A1 Savannahs prices were listed as follows:


  • F1 $7,500-$22,000
  • F2 $4,500-$16,000
  • F3 $3,000-$ 6,000
  • F4 $1,200-$ 3,000
  • F5 $950-$ 6,000
  • SBT $950-$ 6,000


  • F1 $6,000-$22,000
  • F2 $4,500-$14,000
  • F3 $3,500-$ 5,500
  • F4 $1,200-$ 4,500
  • F5 $950-$ 3,000
  • SBT $950-$ 3,000

Smaller Breeder Pricing

Listed prices for Savannah kittens at one small cattery are as follows.

  • F1 $2,000-$2,500
  • F2 $1,500-$2,000
  • F3 $1,000-$1,500
  • F4 $1,000-$1,200

Most kittens will be sterilized prior to adoption unless specifically intended for breeding. Kittens sold for breeding purposes will usually cost quite a bit more than those purchased solely as a pet.

Some catteries sell African Servals, but they are few and they will generally charge $8,000, as a minimum.

Why Are Savannahs Expensive?

People often ask why a Savannah cat is so expensive. An understanding of the breeding challenges of this fascinating cat will help you appreciate how special your new pet really is.

There is often significant time and expense involved in finding the right breeding cats. A breeder may have to buy up to five Savannah females (costing $10,000 each) to get one or two that the Serval will recognize as suitable for mating.

Birthing Savannahs can also be a challenge. They have a gestation period that is about two weeks shorter than the Serval which means they can be born prematurely and require extra care to remain healthy and survive.

In fact, some breeders report that premature births are even more common with higher generations. Savannah babies can also be too big to birth naturally and require a C-section!

Savannah litters also tend to be small with a survival rate ranging from 0-3 kittens. Breeders may have spent as much as $100,000 before their first viable litter is born.