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Make Your Savannah Kitten Adoption A Success With Good Home Prepping

So now it's time to bring your baby home. Is your home ready? In addition to making sure your house is safe, it is also important to continue reinforcing the good habits that a professional breeder has already established.

It is best not to give your Savannah the full run of your home immediately, as everything is going to be new to this baby. Suddenly for the first time in its life, it is without its mother, siblings and familiar scents and sounds.

Until the kitten settles down, it may try to hide away and possibly (if it cannot find the litter box) accidents may occur.

If you can, locate your Savannah kitten in a small room or bathroom. Place it immediately into its litter box so that it knows where it is. In the confined area, supply the following:

  • A water bowl
  • A sample of food that is familiar to the kitten
  • A scratching post that is fairly close to the food location
  • A snuggly bed and blanket, giving a sense of security in its new home

Now let the acquainting begin. Little by little the kitten should be exposed to the rest of the house until it is familiar with all the permitted rooms. If the house is very large, several litter boxes may be needed.

Some plants are poisonous to cats and curious babies may want to nibble them. It is important to remove all toxic plants from the rooms your kitten will have access to. Check out the list of poisonous plants to make sure you haven't missed any that are dangerous to your Savannah cat.

Electrical cords must be covered or removed until your kittens teething days are over, usually around seven months of age. Wire can be covered easily with plastic tubing or flexible plastic pipe.

Put breakable ornaments out of harm's way, as your young kitten's curiosity (combined with extraordinary jumping skills) could put your family treasures in danger.

Now that you have a good idea of how to prepare your home for your new baby, you're ready for the actual arrival.