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Adopting A Savannah Cat Is Almost Like Adopting A Child

When you set out to bring a Savannah cat into your home, reputable breeders will not treat this like buying a cell phone that will expire within a year.

They treat it as an adoption that will add a new member to your family. They will want to know that you can provide a loving and lasting home for your Savannah for the next 15-20 years.

Here is an example of the questions you will be asked as a prospective parent of one of these wonderful cats.


  • Have you checked your city bylaws to see if you are allowed to have an exotic pet?

Your Home

  • Owned or rented
  • Length of residence in current home

Your Occupation

  • Present occupation of you and your partner
  • Are you willing and able to make the investment in time and finances to care for and properly care for your new pet? (Caring for a Savannah will cost an estimated $2,000 a year or more.)

Household And Residents

  • Reasons for wanting a pet
  • Number of adults and children in the household
  • Whether all residents of the household want a new pet
  • Allergies specific to cats amongst household residents and close friends
  • Other pets in the home

History With Pets

  • Ownership of pets within last 5 years
  • Vaccination history of current pets
  • Whether you have relinquished any pets before

Care Of Your Savannah

  • Veterinarian name, contact information and reference
  • Where would your new Savannah be kept when you are home?
  • Where would your Savannah be kept when you are NOT home?
  • If kept outdoors, explain how your Savannah will be confined including:
    • Type of confinement
    • Total length of time
    • Type of shelter
    • Type of shade provided
  • In a 24-hour day how long would the pet be left alone at any given time?

Litter Boxes

  • Will your Savannah share a litter box with another animal?
  • If yes, how many litter boxes will be provided?
  • What is the location of each litter box?
  • How often are they scooped?
  • How often are they changed completely?
  • How often are the boxes cleaned?


  • Have you any previous experience with Savannahs?
  • If yes, please explain including the age of the Savannah(s):
  • What other information do you know about Servals?
  • How much time do you need to prepare for your new pet before taking it home?
  • Willingness to schedule a home visit by the breeder.

Many breeders will require you to answer questions similar to these and include your answers with a signed purchase contract.