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How You And Your Savannah Cat Can Enjoy A Good Long Life Together

Living with a Savannah cat can be quite an adventure. After all, it's *almost* like having a wild animal in your home! That wild side is a big part of the attraction of this smart, energetic and beautiful creature.

Since this animal is not your ordinary domestic cat, breeders and owners have some good advice to share with you. It makes sense to know a thing or two before you bring a Savannah kitten into your home.

This page introduces the following points:

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Preparing Your Home

Getting your home ready for that new Savannah baby you're adopting is quite like preparing for the arrival of a new baby. For sure, you won't be decorating a separate room and painting it pink or blue.

What you will be doing is making your home both Savannah-friendly and Savannah-proof. You'll eliminate dangers like poisonous plants. You'll have the kitten's familiar comforts of home (its previous home in the cattery).

You'll do what's needed to ease the stress the kitten could suffer when "snatched away" from its mother and siblings.

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Handling The Arrival

Once you've prepared your home properly, you're ready for the arrival of your new Savannah baby. The idea is provide things the kitten is familiar with from its first few months in the cattery.

Then you will introduce change on a gradual basis. An example would be introducing new litter a bit at a time until it's 100% of what you want.

The kitten is still young enough to bond strongly with you and your family. You'll encourage that by NOT introducing too many new faces in the first weeks. Take the time to adopt each other!

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Doing The Litter Thing

Litter is very important. Think of yourself when you're traveling. How easily do you adapt to all those unfamiliar washroom facilities?

The litter itself is one thing, but there's also the litter box. How high does it have to be? Should it be covered with doors?

Did you know there are five ways you can encourage your new Savannah kitty to use its new bathroom? Find out...

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