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Caring For Savannah Cats Boils Down To A Few Basic Things

Okay, you've brought your exotic beauty home. Now what are you going to do to keep him/her in tip-top shape? Caring for a cat like a Savannah comes down to a few basic things.

In fact regular cat care will work for the most part. You just have to keep in mind that your cat has a certain percentage of the wild-side genes from the African Serval.

This page introduces the following points about Savannah cat care:

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Some Health Advice

The main health indications for Savannah cats concern neutering, declawing, medications, vaccines and anesthetics.

Good health starts with the breeder who knows Savannah cats (and knows YOUR cat) better than anyone. Start by following the cattery pros and, of course, a veterinarian with exotic animal experience.

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A Simple Diet Guide

Although there are no breed-specific health issues for the Savannah cat, there's a heated debate about the diet needed to keep these beautiful creatures in the best possible shape.

Because of the Savannah's African Serval heritage, some breeders insist that a certain percentage of raw food is essential. So in general, offer more protein and less grains, and definitely no by-products.

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About Savannah Food

You invested heavily in your new Savannah cat. Continuing to invest in high-quality food will save you hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of dollars in veterinarian bills.

Your breeder will provide advice on how to feed your new family member. The thing is that breeders don't all agree on what the best food is.

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The Scratching Post

Cats need a great scratching post to smooth the frayed rings of their claws. This is why many adoption contracts insist that new owners agree not to declaw their new Savannah kittens.

Cats also need to stretch their spines and muscles. It's a natural thing to do and such a beautiful site when it's a Savannah doing it with its long and strong lithe body.

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What To Play With

It won't take you long to realize how much exercise a Savannah needs to stay healthy. With the right toys, you'll both stay fit while entertaining each other for hours on end.

Strong dog toys are often better than delicate cat toys for a Savannah. With their wild side, they can be pretty tough on things that are too fragile.

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