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An Adoption Contract For Savannahs Protects Both You And Your New Pet

Buying a Savannah cat is almost like adopting a new baby for your family. There is a process to follow and there is an adoption contract.

Of course no animal will ever replace a human; let's be clear about that. Still, Savannahs are a special breed that will impact your home almost as a child would. They love, crave and offer companionship.

So, when buying your new Savannah Cat, be sure to check what is included in the purchase price. A professional breeder will provide a clear contract that outlines all the services that go with your purchase.

Does the quoted price (and the signed agreement) include the following?

  • Shipping nationally or internationally
  • Microchipping
  • Age-appropriate de-worming
  • Age-appropriate vaccinations
  • Spaying-neutering
    • Unless you specifically contract (and pay for) a breeding cat, most professional breeders will spay or neuter their kittens before they leave the cattery. This works best for the kittens as recovery is faster and stress is minimized while mom and siblings are still together. Kittens are generally up and running the same day after the procedure which is not the case with an older kitten or cat.
  • Health records
    • All kittens should receive their vaccinations and be checked by a veterinarian once or twice before coming home. Older cats should have up-to-date vaccinations. All cats should have a health certificate if traveling by air.
  • A health guarantee (6 months? 1 year?)
  • Insurance policy (example: 6 weeks to a maximum of $500)
  • De-clawing (some breeders refuse to do this and forbid it in the contract)
  • TICA registration papers (outlining the pedigree of the cat)
  • A Savannah Cat care manual

A professional breeder wants you to have a successful adoption and will clearly outline the services included in your purchase price. Be sure to have a clear contract from the outset so that all you have to do is love your Savannah Cat when it comes home.

Oh, and before you even think about buying a Savannah cat, be sure to check on any legal restrictions on owning exotic cats where you live.