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The Savannah Cat Is So Magical You Just Can't Resist Buying One

Great balls of fire! What a cat!

image of savannah cat and owner

The Savannah cat isn't just any cat. Many who think they're dog people fall in love with a Savannah and lose their hearts forever.

Wild, affectionate, trainable and water loving... who has ever heard of such a cat?! Savannahs are similar to dogs in their loyalty and will follow you around the house... after they give you a welcome head-butt.

Many will answer when called, will bring the right toy when you name it and can be trained to walk on a leash. Most of them love to play fetch with their favorite toy.

The Savannah isn't for everyone, but it probably is for you. Otherwise you wouldn't be here visiting with us! We help you make that buying decision to bring your beautiful new pet from the breeder to your home.

Life With A Savannah

The Savannah is extraordinarily energetic and has long legs that allow it to leap to places that you didn't think it could reach... and may not want it to reach. (Like that toy or plant you were trying to hide.)

It also has unusually flexible toes that allow it to pry into cupboards and pull things out... the most unusual things that you forgot were there.

Image of Savannah kitten on fence
This later generation Savannah kitten has retained its original beauty with distinctive eyes, stripes, long flexible toes and leaping ability, of course.

Savannahs like to jump, jump, jump. Climbing towers and toys are essential for these little ones. They live to play and they especially love to play in water.

Only after they've worn themselves out will they rest beside you. It's a good idea to have another cat or even a dog as a playmate for your Savannah.

The Savannah doesn't usually like to be held for too long. It prefers to walk on the wild side and hates restrictions. But it will sit next to you in the living room and place a paw on your shoulder just to let you know that it is there.

It will also sleep in your bed... probably between you and your partner if you have one. The Savannah cat likes to be with its humans.

You're probably wondering if you'd like one of these characters in your home, right? Our site answers many questions about buying a Savannah. If we've missed something, please contact us to let us know.

The Savannah community loves to share stories/photos about these delightful family members as well as tips on keeping them safe, healthy and happy.